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Stand Up Sound | Wayne Cohen - Song Writing and Music Marketing Classes

Building The Breakthrough Song

This course will help you -

-learn what a breakthrough song is and why it's essential to have one if you want to break through in the pop music industry.

-learn how to generate and develop "out of the box" lyric ideas, song structures, melodic constructions and tracks.

By the end of the course you will be able to identify the common elements in breakthrough hits (regardless of their genre), and will have the chance to record a guitar or keyboard/vocal demo of one of your compositions written during the course, produced by Wayne.

Course details:

Exploring and analyzing breakthrough hit songs: Title, melody, lyric, structure, harmony and track analysis of six #1 Billboard Hot 100 songs. Creating a database of common and contrasting elements.

Melody seminar: You will learn techniques and exercises for generating coherent memorable hit song melodies.

Lyric seminar: You will learn how to generate lyric ideas, hit song lyric content, setting lyrics to melody. Learn how to write from a title, develop your lyricist's toolbox and learn how to write lyrics that are:
-Universal (Does the story express a universal emotional truth?)
-Real (Is it a simple, fresh, or street expression of that truth?)
-Urgent (Does the song take place in a single emotional moment, and does the protagonist own that emotion? Does every line of the lyric come from the same emotional place?).

Harmony, beat, bass line and track seminar: You will learn to identify satisfying harmonic movement and track elements in breakthrough songs; writing from a bass line, techniques and exercises for generating satisfying harmonic movement.

Composition: During the course you will write a minimum of one verse/chorus song seed based on these elements, and Wayne will give you feedback.

Course materials include excerpts from Wayne's forthcoming e-book, a breakthrough song checklist and studio time to record an mp3/CD of each student's composition. (Special recording arrangements available for non-singer, non-musician or online students.)


Human Music Marketing in the Digital Age

Learn the art of human networking, the essential music business skill, in the digital age, regardless of musical genre.

Course details:

Get the word out: You will learn how to identify decision makers, how to create value relationships, how to get and keep your contact's attention, why following up is all important and why effective networking is essential to success.

Create a digital marketing package: You will create a resume, cover letter, digital profile, and personal marketing strategy with which to reach out to key industry people.

Music publishing: Get a step by step overview of the music publishing business. Learn about: copyright, licensing, sources of income, how to set up an independent music publishing company, history of the music publishing business, advantages/disadvantages of signing administration versus co-publishing deals, with a major publisher versus being self-published.

Course materials include excerpts from Wayne's forthcoming e-book, and a critique of student created marketing materials.

Fees, discounts, etc..

Two course discount if you enroll in both courses.

Full payment due by midnight EST the day before the first class.

All payments via PayPal, please. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your payments.

Upon receipt of your tuition or application fee, you will receive a short application. Please submit application by email before first class, to  

Click ENROLL button below to enroll or reserve your place in the course(s).

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Stand Up Sound is a multi-faceted NYC based audio and music production company owned by Clio award-winning composer, creative director, producer, mixer, and multi-million selling hit songwriter, Wayne Cohen.

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