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Singing the Same Song
Team Building Song Workshops

How it works

Imagine your team's highest aspirations expressed in an anthemic song that you collaborate on creating with proven hit songwriters and your colleagues.

The SINGING THE SAME SONG team building song workshop is an inspirational event in which your team writes, performs and records their own team song, and participants can experience the transformative power of collaboration in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Using the song creation process as a metaphor for team building and collaboration in the workplace, led by multi-platinum selling hit songwriter, producer and educator Wayne Cohen and his team of facilitators, this fun, memorable songwriting workshop event will inform and empower your team to work at a new level.

In this interactive session, you and your team participate together to write and record an original song that captures the strengths, challenges and spirit of their team, an mp3 of which will be available within hours of the workshop, for you and your team to keep and play forever.

The workshop begins by Wayne sharing his Collaborator's Code, which will allow participants    
to use the collaborative process of songwriting to translate
everyday events in the workplace.

Your team will then participate in creating their own songs guided by Wayne and his team, and you will have the opportunity sing and record your song with Wayne's team, onsite.

The session can culminate with a visiting artist's concert including your team's songs.

This revealing workshop will help your team work better together and aspire to be the top performers in their field.



"In my 25 years of experience as a hit songwriter, I've developed a toolkit that brings out the best in me and my co-writers. In my team building song workshops I will share tools that can inspire, energize and give you the chance to reconnect with your highest aspirations. It's empowerment and fun wrapped up in the creation and singing of your own personalized team anthem. "

Stand Up Sound is a multi-faceted NYC based audio and music production company owned by Clio award-winning composer, creative director, producer, mixer, and multi-million selling hit songwriter, Wayne Cohen.

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